SEO Ranking Factors Survey Announced at MozCon

Every two years, SeoMoz (now just known as Moz) runs a Ranking Factors study to identify which attributes of pages and sites have the strongest association with ranking highly in Google. This study consists of two parts: a survey of professional SEOs and a large correlation study. The first findings were released this week, with a number of interesting take outs, including the observation that despite Google’s Penguin updates, anchor text correlations remain as strong as ever.

In addition, social signals were some of the highest correlated factors, with Google+ edging out Facebook and Twitter, although the survey of professional SEOs suggested that they don’t think that social signals are very important in Google’s overall algorithm. Moz cite this as an area where the correlation may be explainable by other factors such as links, pointing back to 2011, when Moz released their initial social results, showing how Facebook correlations could be explained mostly by links. Moz naturally expect Google to crawl their own Google+ content, and links on Google+ are followed so they pass link juice. Google also crawls and indexes the public pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Professional SEOs believe that links are still the most important part of Google’s algorithm, whilst keyword usage on the page is still fundamental, and other than links is thought to be the most important type of factor.

A breakdown of the survey respondents’ view of how Google’s overall algorithm breaks down is shown below, and you can check out the full Moz story at:

Moz SEO Ranking Factors 2013

Moz SEO Ranking Factors 2013