Facebook becomes second biggest source of UK online traffic

Social networking sites accounted for 11.6% of all UK Internet visits in September 2010 with 1 in 10 visits to every website coming after a visit to Facebook – up from 1 in 13 visits a year ago.

According to Experian Hitwise, the online competitive intelligence service, Facebook accounts for 55% of all visits to social networking sites, making it by far the biggest social network in the UK. It is also the second biggest source of traffic to all websites after Google. In total, social networks sent nearly 13% more traffic to online retailers this year than last year. The three dominant players are Facebook, YouTube and Twitter which account for 75% of all visits to the the social networks and forums category.

This analysis shows more than ever before the need for businesses to get to grips with Social Media as consumers spend more and more time on social networking sites. A well concieved, and expertly implemented social media strategy will help businesses tap into the power of social media to drive online traffic and sales.

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