The Social Media Revolution

The social media revolution is here – well in truth it’s been ‘here’ for a while – but nevertheless this updated video from the renowned author of Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business still shows some mindblowing stats that demonstrate just how social media impacts the world. Whilst it’s very US oriented it’s still worth viewing. Enjoy…

3D Dilemma

3D or not 3D…. that is the question!  Do I take the plunge into the world of 3D TV now – or wait until the price point drops and the quality improves?

Way back in the late 70s and early 80s it seemed like everybody had a video player – and we didn’t.  “We don’t need one” was the standard parental response, although as a parent now myself I’m convinced that cost was also a factor, as well as the uncertainty of what you were buying into. For the record we eventually got a VHS player although I’m sure we had no idea whether it was a better bet than the technically superior Betamax.

These days the changes in technology present new choices at an ever increasing pace – so I’m now considering whether 3DTV is worth the investment and coming to the conclusion that the answer is no – or at least not yet.  And it would seem that I’m not alone.

Whilst 3DTV has the backing of the major UK broadcasters such as Sky, Virgin and the BBC with its plans for a 3D Wimbledon final, it seems that consumer reaction has been rather mixed. This is driven in part by the scarcity of content – and possibly down to the fact that it’s not perceived as an enhancement in the way that colour followed black and white, or even in the way that HD has taken off.

Let’s face it, 3D movies have had more than one big fanfare, but still seem to be viewed almost as a novelty than a standard way of watching movies. And I suspect the same is true on TV. HD brings some programmes to life more than others, but on the whole there is a discernible increase in the viewing experience. 3D can bring a wow factor but more often than not the content is almost driven to show off the 3D capability rather than being quality content that’s further enhanced by the new technology.

That said it seems that many manufacturers will be building 3D into all their new sets, even if they are just used for good-old 2D viewing. Figures suggest that 1 in 3 households will have 3D ready sets by 2016 which is a relatively slow take up. This in turn can deter investment in content leading to an inevitable slowing of the whole process.

Maybe 3D TV lacks its ‘killer app’ which may not be TV at all – but the growth in 3D gaming. Pester power could be the key driver, as kids clamour to play the next generation of 3D games. We shall see. As for me, well I’m not going 3D yet – maybe I’m becoming more like my Dad than I ever thought I’d be!