Half of small business users accessing email via iPhones

New research from Intermedia, the world’s largest provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange email accounts, indicates that 48.5 percent of small business users who access email from their smartphone now use an iPhone.

Intermedia’s customers are primarily small and mid sized businesses, over half of whom use smartphones to access their accounts. Nearly half (48.5 percent) of the company’s customers who use a mobile device to access their work email are using iPhones. Another 25 percent use BlackBerry, while 12.75 percent use Android-based devices and 13.75 percent use other mobile platforms, including Microsoft’s Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7.

Intermedia also noted that iPhone users send more emails per user on average, while Android users receive more emails on a per user basis.

Facebook change business pages

This week Facebook changed the way that Facebook business pages work – making them more like the new personal profile pages introduced a short while ago. At first glance the main changes are that the tabs have gone from the top of the page, replaced by navigation links on the left hand side. Meanwhile photos replace the tabs at the top of the page.

As well as changing the way pages look there are a number of other key differences. Probably the most significant is that once you have converted your page to the new format you will be able to choose whether you post as yourself or as your business, by simply checking or un-checking a box. This means you can now use your business page to post on other business pages (but not on someone’s personal profile) and, if you so wish, your page can also “like” another business page. Other changes include notifications when someone posts or comments on your page.

Check out Mashable’s view on the changes.

New Accounting & Payroll Service for Small Businesses

A new accounting and payroll service, aimed at sole traders and small businesses, launched its website this month.

www.bepro.com provides low cost, hassle free, accounting, payroll and HR services for small and medium sized businesses – enabling them to save time and money on their bookkeeping and accounting requirements.

The service is simplicity itself. Each month, you just fill a Bepro envelope with your sales invoices, receipts and bank statements and return the envelope to Bepro. Bepro do all the bookkeeping, payroll and VAT, then produce a set of monthly accounts and return it to you. The service involves no spreadsheets, no software and no fuss – saving time and money – not to mention frustration.

In terms of cost, as a guide, a sole trader could expect to pay £35 + VAT for a monthly accounting package and a limited company £65 + VAT per month. In fact Bepro guarantee that they will save you money on your current accounting and payroll service.

Business owners and sole traders can request a quote at www.bepro.com