Facebook change business pages

This week Facebook changed the way that Facebook business pages work – making them more like the new personal profile pages introduced a short while ago. At first glance the main changes are that the tabs have gone from the top of the page, replaced by navigation links on the left hand side. Meanwhile photos replace the tabs at the top of the page.

As well as changing the way pages look there are a number of other key differences. Probably the most significant is that once you have converted your page to the new format you will be able to choose whether you post as yourself or as your business, by simply checking or un-checking a box. This means you can now use your business page to post on other business pages (but not on someone’s personal profile) and, if you so wish, your page can also “like” another business page. Other changes include notifications when someone posts or comments on your page.

Check out Mashable’s view on the changes.

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