How slow is your broadband?

Kent, Essex and Norfolk all featured at the wrong end of the table when new research into broadband speed was published this weekend by broadband comparison website,

Two streets in Kent featured in the 4 slowest broadband streets in the UK, with Railway Hill in Barham, a few miles south east of Canterbury officially the slowest with an average download speed of 0.13Mb. To put that into perspective it would take the residents of Railway Hill almost 2 days to download a movie online!

Second place went to Tewkesbury Road in Clacton-on-Sea, with an average broadband speed of 0.14Mb. And Norfolk is also home to two of the slowest 20 broadband connected streets in the country, whilst overall, eight of the top 10 slowest streets are in the south, with just two in the north.

The average speed for the UK is 6.21Mb, almost 50 times faster than the download speed available at the slowest streets in Kent and Essex.

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