Rupert Murdoch and Apple to launch iPad-only news publication

Rupert Murdoch and Apple are reportedly set to launch the first iPad-only news publication: “The Daily”.

According to Mashable, the joint digital “newspaper” will launch in the US and will have no website and no print edition; just an iPad application. The publication should launch in early 2011 with each new edition costing $0.99 to download.

It’s believed that News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch has hired approximately 100 journalists who are preparing for the publication’s launch next year. The venture is thought to be led by Jesse Angelo, the former managing editor of The New York Post (another News Corp publication). However it’s Apple’s involvement that’s really interesting – they have reportedly offered News Corp technical assistance to make the publication far more than a newspaper formatted for the tablet, incorporating video content and other aspects of the iPad’s technology.

According to Mashable, Murdoch believes the iPad will be a “game changer” ever since he read studies that demonstrated people were more engaged with content on their tablet devices than either traditional newspapers or the web.

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